Say Hello to a New Generation of Memory Care with Mitra

Mitra is a robotic companion designed to provide better care and enrichment to people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Equipping our communities with Mitra is part of Clearday’s commitment to providing modern, engaging therapies rooted in innovative practices designed to help everyone make the most of each day.

Purpose Built for Memory Care


Expanding the Memory Care Ecosystem

Mitra does not replace human caregivers, but enhances their ability to provide comprehensive care throughout your loved one’s day. Meaning that our residents get even more support and consistent engagement.

Why it matters:

Mitra’s ability to recognize and engage with residents, stream video content and lead daily activities, and even help monitor things like fall detection means that caregivers are able to focus on what matters most caring for your loved one.


Making the Most of Every Day

Mitra comes equipped with Clearday Virtual - a care management and entertainment software used to conduct cognitive assessments and stream personalized mind, body, and soul-centered video content designed by our Care Experts. Mitra’s video library provides residents with purposeful entertainment based on their interests, mobility, and cognitive care needs.

Why it matters:

Fulfilling engagement helps residents live each day to its fullest. Mitra provides an additional avenue of customizable enrichment in addition to 1:1 care, group activities, and events within the Clearday Living Center community.


Designed to Delight

Mitra’s interactions with residents not only provides cutting edge care, but is also designed to be entertaining. Mitra’s ability to recognize and engage with residents helps lift spirits and provide engaging companionship.

Why it matters:

Mitra is designed to support both cognitive health and your loved one’s personal interests so that they’re focusing on what brings them joy.


Peace of Mind

Each Mitra is remotely monitored by human fleet managers, offering an extra level of safety and security for your loved one. This functionality includes fall detection, resident monitoring, and can even record and track physical therapy progress.

Why it matters:

If Mitra detects a fall, the human fleet manager immediately alerts the local care team and can provide helpful context around the fall or injury in order to provide the best care. This type of vigilance means we’re able to provide better, safer care to our communities.

Purpose Built for Memory Care

Mitra features Clearday Virtual, a care management software that features an expansive video library of daily activities, games, exercise, and even spiritual content designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.