Modernizing Memory Care with Clearday Virtual

Clearday Virtual is one the best-in-class practices we rely on every day in our Memory Care America communities to help improve the lives of those with cognitive deficits.

How It Works


Cognitive Assessments

Our expert-led Behaviour Engagement Stimulation Temperament (BEST) Tests continuously evaluate your loved one’s cognitive health and mobility, so we always know the level of care they need.

Why it matters: We know that as abilities change, the care has to adapt, in real time. BEST Tests allow us that visibility so we can match your loved one to the best care for them.


Care Pathways

Using the Cognitive Assessment results, we match residents with a Care Pathway that’s specially designed for their cognitive health and mobility.

Why it matters: Cognitive care isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why Clearday Virtual matches people to a Pathway based on their BEST Test results. Each Pathway features appropriate activities, videos, and even caregiver education to best support their lifestyle.


Daily Activities

Each Pathway offers a variety of engaging daily activity videos designed by our Care Experts. Recommendations change based on the day and are designed to engage the mind, body, and soul.

Why it matters: Fulfilling engagement helps residents live each day to its fullest. These activities are designed to support both cognitive health and your loved one’s personal interests so that they’re focusing on what brings them joy.

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Support for Families

Families have the option to create their own account with Clearday Virtual to receive access to support groups, caregiving tips, and can see which Pathway their loved one is on.

Why it matters: We understand that cognitive care takes a village—and impacts everyone involved. That’s why Clearday Virtual has a portal for families to engage with educational content, supportive communities, and visibility into the content their loved one engages with.

Engaging Content designed specifically for Memory Care.

Easier Mornings


Waking up with one of Clearday’s meditation, fellowship, or gentle exercise videos can make the transition to or from breakfast more smooth and start your day of on a invigorating foot that sets residents up for success.

Active Afternoons


Days spent engaging in activities that bring joy are the best days. This is no exception when it comes to cognitive care. Clearday Virtual’s video library offers entertaining content based on personal interests and hobbies to help make the most of everyday.

Calm Evenings


Evening can be the most challenging part of the day for anyone with Alzheimers or dementia. Clearday Virtual offers soothing, calming content to help mitigate this and offer a comfortable way to decompress and ease into the evening.

Watch this video to preview the Clearday Virtual Content

If you have questions about Clearday Virtual and how it’s integrated in the MCA communities please contact us!