Making the Most of Everyday with Personalized Care Plans

Cognitive care isn’t one-size-fits-all, That’s why our Care Plans are such a foundational element in our approach to Memory Care. No matter where someone is in their journey, our Care Plans help provide structure, purpose and helpful information that makes the most of everyday based on your needs and level of care.


Our Approach to Building
Care Plans

We start by listening.

The first thing we do is get to know you and your family. We want to hear everything; life before Alzheimer’s or dementia, personal interests, preferences, triggers, medical history, medication, milestones, memories — everything.

Why it matters:

Care Plans are part life story, part medical history, and part daily planner. The better we know you, the better care we can provide.

Care Plans Travel With You.

Your Care Plan is highly personalized and follows residents throughout their entire time with MCA. They become documents that caregivers and families can share with other doctors or healthcare professionals, expanding and changing as needed to best support the desired level of care.

Why it matters:

Keeping track of this information as it changes can be a challenge. That’s why our care team manages and updates these plans throughout the entire experience. This structured, comprehensive document helps ensure that residents receive the best care possible at every stage of their journey.

Designed by Memory
Care Experts.

Our Care Plans are informed by best practices in cognitive care, and are overseen by our team of Care Experts. This team represents 60+ combined years of first-hand experience with caregiving and prioritizes compassion, structure, and engagement.

Why it matters:

Care Plans aren’t just a to-do list. They’re intentionally designed to ensure that resident’s needs are met while also staying as active and engaged as possible to help reduce challenging aspects of Alzheimers or dementia and improve quality of life overall.